Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheek Gland Painful To Eat

Hairy types of dots in the sky.

The stone bounced three times on the surface of the water and sank before they launch the next Tom more or less flat stone he had found on the riverbank. Cassie watched quietly launches, sitting in a nearby tree branch while eating one of the oranges that had been stolen from the farm of McBride - A couple of oranges is not going to ruin had told Tom when Cassie guessed their intentions to oppose them. Even after he had not cared much, ultimately, the oranges were good and McBride picked up and just never wasted.


is a fucking mess, aunt, "she said suddenly, startling her. Tom took one of the orange and threw it with force into the river, where he sank heavily to stay afloat shortly after, floating downstream.
"Neither are as bad, a little strong, but no big deal" Cassie sat up a little, leaving her back against the gnarled trunk and legs hanging on both sides of the branch. Well, if we make juice with a bit of sulfur
I am not talking oranges, Cass muttered, greatly exasperated. I talk about this fucking hick town full of peasants. No nothing funny about this place. Es .. is like a parallel universe in which no time passes and nothing ever happens. Programmed to do the same thing every damn day.

Cassandra stoically endured the speech, he knew almost from the first day that Tom hated that, the countryside and nature, he knew the girl was totally developer-and the idea of \u200b\u200bliving in a village will was unbearable, but he had hurt rapture.

"I hope you know that I am part of that group you call" rednecks farmers, "he scolded.

Tom held her tongue, realizing the insult and recalling that Cassie was not one of his colleagues in the city, but a girl who was raised on a farm, like everyone out there.

-give me a little sad, "she continued, bitterly but honestly. You are so busy remembering the fun of your stinking and polluted city that you realize what's here.

was shocked, never heard anyone talk like that. In general, Cassandra was pleasant and friendly, kind by nature without malice. However, he was upset and she was getting her words only angrier.

- Oh, yeah? And what's that there? "Said dismissively.
-Beauty, but you can not see it. This place is a clear example. Look around, you're in a forest and everything is green and fresh. The river water is crystal clear and the air smells clean. You hear the birds singing, nightingales almost everyone, and by far the cooing of other small animals that are free-Cassandra got down with a quick skill gained from years of experience. She stood before him and looked him straight in the eye. I think you have not even seen the stars.

Tom ignored the last comment, in spite of knowing that she was right. He had never stopped to look at the stars, anyway in the city, with its neon lights, not seen.

"Yes, yes, a very natural and beautiful environment. But that's not fun, Cass, you do not know what is fun.
-Entertain the observant eye, Tom. And believe it or not, nature has many fun things, "he began walking back toward the trail, before reaching turned. But I'm willing to be a good Samaritan and teach you everything you missed.

When he was a few feet away, Tom realized that truth was long and leaving it in the woods.

- Where you going? "He shouted.
-A Square, will begin the concert in Virginia, I told you before but I guess you were lamenting much for being here to pay attention.
"Oh, come on. Step on a stage in the middle of a village square where there are more cows than people is not a concert.
"Whatever you say, Tom.
"When I teach those stars of which you speak, I'll teach you what a concert, a real one.

Cassie turned and kept walking, but with a smile on his face. He was glad to have reached that Tom would stop thinking about their city and its people, to stop thinking about leaving their parents in an environment that was clearly hostile to him.

- One of Rock? How people hairy and guitar solos? "Questioned back. Tom laughed.
"Of course, there's nothing like a hairy guys.
"It's a deal, then" he warned. Do not forget. Starry sky changing drum beats.

Tom said nothing more and let go watching humming a song and trotted through the bushes. How strange can become , Tom thought, then took a stone and threw new river.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Can You Buy A Birthday Cake With Snap At Heb?

Even there, provided that remote possibility.

thought not to be there. In other words, it found that it in the library, or in the video, it even found him on his grandmother's house. But that is not, finally, what would he do in a fucking broom? It was unlikely that it would also find there. Absurd. There was not a remote possibility.

was wrong, of course, he tended to make mistakes often.

- What the hell are you doing in the closet? Indignant when asked, closing the door and turned, had been in there, sitting on a bucket upside down and with his ever-present cigarette in his ear.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Sounds like a trick question," said Benji, as he removed the cigar from his ear and stroked with her fingers.

"It's Ben, not Benji said with a tone of irritation. I was tired of seeing him everywhere like a shadow lurking .- Are you following me, perhaps?

- follow you, Benji? "Answered sorna." I was here before you and, anyway, why the fuck would I follow you?

"I do not know, you tell me, Ben left his back against at the door and crossed his arms over breast. "You're in all the places I go, and I put on my nerves. And this, meet in a damn closet, is now the height of ridiculousness.

"I told you I was here before you. If anything, you're the one who follows me-Ben snorted between indignant and incredulous. How could accuse him of following?

"Fuck you, Max.

Max deliberately ignored the comment, lit a cigarette and took a deep puff, leaving after the smoke escape slowly between her lips, eyes closed peacefully. Ben looked a little sulky, a bit fascinated by soft, slow movements of the other. Max could be so maddeningly sensual, often felt that Ben wanted to punch him.

- And you, what you do on a broom?

The question caught him by surprise. Ben shook his head, out of the limbo in which he had fallen and looked angrily into the dark.

-I hide from Julie-clarified-not that I usually hide it ...

"I said a skeptical Max. Ben frowned lips, angry with himself for not having left the broom to see that he was busy, annoyed with Max for being so stupid and so observant, and upset with Julie for wanting him to play wii sports.

"You do not have answered me," he said, trying not to think about what was becoming an uncomfortable situation. The two within a fairly small space, the two exchanged glances full of sexual tension .

"The broom I find very cute, her lips stretched into a smile pretentious. Ben raised an eyebrow, and turned his face when the eyes of Max was too intense. Max got up from bucket and came to him with a cigarette dangling from his lips and smoke rising in a spiral toward the ceiling. Ben felt with him, so close I could feel his breath hitting the cuello. "If we find another day, in one of those fortuitous occasions that destiny gives us, perhaps to tell you that smoking in a closet.

Max pulled the door handle and Ben departed, leaving the room leaving him dazed and standing by a mixture of snuff and that smell another scent, masculine and exhilarating, which undoubtedly belonged to Max.